Published On: Wed, Sep 13th, 2017

You won’t BELIEVE how much money Donald Trump's wife Melania's handbags are worth!

Melania Trump has been seen in public wearing a handbag on only four occasions since she moved into the White House in June to join huband Donald Trump.

However, these four bags alone could be worth an astonishing amount of money – far more than most Briton’s yearly salaries.

A large portion of this sum is made up by Hermes Birkin bags.

In fact, these exclusive bags seem to make up the bulk of the First Lady’s handbag collection.

The Birkin was named after the model, singer and actress Jane Birkin, and the cheapest of these bags cost in the region of £14,000.

However, the most expensive Birkin bag ever sold, called the White Himalaya Birkin, sold for £287,403.99.

It was made from Niloticus crocodile with more than 240 diamonds on its 18-karat-gold hardware.

There is a long waiting list for fashion fans to get their hands on a Birkin, but Melania Trump strolled into the White House on 11 June, the day she officially moved in, holding what appeared to be the Epsom Birkin in tan with gold hardware. A bag like this is currently selling for £14,341 online.

Just this Sunday Melania disembarked from AirForce One in Washington holding another Birkin bag in matte cream.

She also wore a Calvin Klein shirt that cost around £530.

A matte cream Birkin is currently selling online for £15,849.

But the most expensive bag Melania has been seen carrying since she moved into the White House only two months ago is worth more than these two combined.

On 5 July, Melania carried a bag that appeared to be the Hermes Birkin bag in a 30cm size in black patent crocodile with gold hardware.

Another version of this bag, that has never been carried, is selling for £60,170.37, on luxury sales site One Lifestyle Management.

On 18 June Melania carried another very expensive bag, made by a different fashion brand.

She chose a white smooth calfskin leather Phamtom tote bag by French brand Celine.

Celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and the Kardashians are fans of the brand, and this bag sells for £2,200.

Melania also has some very expensive luggage courtesy of Louis Vuitton. 

An assistant was seen carrying two large bags made by the French luggage company as the pair prepared to board a jet to fly to Camp David on 2 September.

One was the Cruiser bag, listed on the company’s site for £2,014.85. The other is the Keepall, listed on Louis Vuitton’s website for £1068.02. 

In total four bags over four months come to £95,642.87 Melania has not disclosed how much she paid for the bags.

How much are Melania’s clothes worth? investigated.

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