Published On: Sun, Jul 16th, 2017

WATCH: Woman frolics on slip ’n slide – but doesn’t expect THIS to happen

British summer days are synonymous with barbecues, t-shirt tans and the slip ’n slide.

The popular garden game involves a long sheet of plastic, lubricated with water, usually from a hose.

Britons enjoy nothing more than hurtling themselves down such slides, inevitably met with grass stains on the other side.

One video has captured two women playing with one similar aqua slide in their back garden.

However, things don’t go too smoothly for these women.

One lady can be seen beaming as she slips down the wet slide.

However, her friend is so excited to use the aqua slide that she doesn’t wait her turn.

The woman throws herself onto the slide and quickly gains on her friend.

The first woman does not have time to get up, meaning the second woman is on a course straight for her.

The second woman’s face is filled with realisation as her visage is headed straight for the first woman’s backside.

The pair collides with rather a lot of force in the hilarious video.

No doubt the second woman will wait her turn on the slide next time.

Another viral video shows a brave man diving the world’s deepest pool in one breath in some terrifying footage.

Posted to Youtube yesterday, the shocking footage shows a man wearing just a wet suit and googles attempt to dive to the bottom of the world’s deepest pool.

Guillaume Néry explored the deep watery chasm in Italy.

His wife Julie Gautier filmed the terrifying stunt, which is almost beyond belief. 

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