Published On: Mon, Sep 25th, 2017

Prince Harry’s body language EXPLAINED – is a Meghan Markle engagement on his mind?

Prince Harry, 33, and Meghan Markle, 36, stepped out hand in hand at the Invictus Games in Toronto today. 

Their first public appearance together has been widely anticpated over the last few weeks. 

The pair were both spotted attending the Games at the wekeend, but were sat some distance apart. 

Today, the couple spent the day by eachother’s side, but what did their body language really reveal about how they were feeling? 

Author and body language expert Judi James has decoded Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s body language around one another.

Speaking to, Judi began with her general observation of the couple toghether.

She said: “It appears to be Meghan putting in most of the effort to create the look of a loved-up couple in these shots while Harry tries very very hard to pull off a look of cool indifference that could even border on boredom. 

“This masking is in itself a bit of a giveaway as Harry has always been the spontaneous prankster of the royal family so the new poker face isn’t really fooling anyone. It’s only when he talks to Meghan that his mask slips and you can see a stronger sense of mirrored warmth and intimacy between the pair.

Picture one 

While Harry strides out, arms swinging and staring ahead it’s Meghan who stares up at him adoringly, letting her hand swing between them just in case he fancied holding it. Meghan is trying to look casual here but the hand on her bag seems to have a tight grasp, suggesting some tension at all the attention.

Picture two 

Staring ahead like a man who is pretending he hasn’t realised he has his Hollywood actress girlfriend sitting right beside him, Harry sits in a way that suggests cool confidence and a complete lack of tension. His legs are splayed and he’s slumped slightly forward with his elbows on his knees like a guy who doesn’t look as though he’s trying too hard to impress his date. Meghan on the other hand has her legs crossed towards his to create the look of togetherness and her huge smile is pure ‘cat that got the cream’. The mirroring is there though in the way they clap in a similar way, suggesting more rapport than Harry is trying to let on.

Picture three 

It has to be said that this pose of Harry’s is a virtual ignore, sitting staring straight ahead with a blank facial expression and a body and hand slump that looks borderline bored. Meghan’s smile has dimmed and the tension of the moment begins to show in the way she’s fingering her bracelet in what looks like a self-comfort gesture.

Picture four 

This is probably the pose that says it all. When Harry turns to talk to Meghan her face lights up again while he can’t help but drop the poker face to apply a much softer, warmer expression. He still seems to be a very different man with Meghan than the prince we normally see though. This is a less playful, more grown-up version of Harry, suggesting he is taking the relationship seriously.

Picture five 

With Harry walking in front and Meghan following behind this is a much more ‘royal’-looking pose, reflecting the way Kate used to walk just behind William before their engagement was announced. However the hand-hold is the revelation showing just how keen these two are to define themselves as a couple in love.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were first spotted at the Invictus Games at the weekend, and fans went wild for the Suits star’s outfit

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